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0:15 Facts on Cicero
01:28 Start reading writings of Cicero
02:00 Is a good memory nature or training
02:28 Two kinds of memory (Art and nature)
03:11 Some are born with great memory but art and technique compliment each other
04:00 With training anyone becomes better
04:50 Introduction to the memory method of ‘Backgrounds & Images’
05:10 Concept of the Mind Palace (Known by Cicero as backgrounds)
06:00 Instruction on how to see images in memory with backgrounds
06:42 How to construct your backgrounds or build a mind palace (memory palace)
07:45 If you want to remember a large amount of data
08:02 Why a sequence is important in your mind palace (backgrounds)
09:50 Importance of review in long term memory
10:30 Why you should number each fifth background (mind palace location)
11:00 Ideas how to number backgrounds
11:50 Ideas on what you should use for your backgrounds
12:50 How not to confuse the data
13:10 Suggested size of backgrounds for your mind palace
13:50 Suggested distance between backgrounds for your mind palace (memory palace)
14:14 It’s possible to use imaginary backgrounds for your mind palace
15:50 Suggestions for imaginary backgrounds
16:06 Talking about how to use images and create images
16:37 The two ways to turn data in to images (by word or by subject matter)
17:38 Example of how a lawyer could memorize his case (he was a lawyer)
19:50 How to memorize word for word
21:17 Must use natural memory plus the memory system when memorizing word for word
22:10 Natural memory or memory training by themselves are not enough for word for word
22:30 Technique is more reliable than natural memory
23:08 Creating strong images
23:41 Nature teaches us what images are naturally strong in memory
24:45 The rare things you remember
25:07 Let your memory imitate nature
25:33 Nature is never last, education is never first
26:55 If you would remember things you actually saw them see them in your imagination
27:30 Why an instructor shouldn’t give their images for memory (more than a few)
29:35 If you create your own images they will be stronger for you
31:10 Value of memorizing word for word even though it is more difficult than topics
32:29 Theory is of no value without practice (same with memory training)

Over 2,000 years ago Cicero wrote on memory training in his Ad Herennium.

Cicero was a gifted writer, philosopher, poet, lawyer and statesman. I lived from 106 BC to 43 BC.

He taught on memory training that was developed by the Greeks around 477 BC by a man named Simonedes.

In this book he refers to backgrounds. Today we use the term memory palace or mind palace but when I read this book the word backgrounds means the same thing.

To me it is fascinating to read about these memory training techniques that have stood the test of time. In this writing he addresses the same memory challenges that I and most likely you will face today.

He talks about memorizing word for word, how much you need to review, which items to select in your memory palace and so much more.

I am the reader in this video and I am a USA Memory Champion and have been teaching memory training seminars since 1991. Anyone can learn to improve their memory if they implement the strategies that Cicero talks about in this Ad Herennium.

It is fun to read about a memory expert 2,000 years ago and his great advice in this wonderful piece of writing.

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