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Trick your brain with these weird brain hacks. I was on season 1 of the National Geographic show Brain Games. I was in the episodes remember this.

These brain hacks remind me of the National Georgraphic Show Brain Games. This is definitely the kind of thing you would see on that show.

These might even be considered brain exercises but really cool ways to trick your brain with these brain hacks. These are fun Brain Games just like on Nat Geo.

For example did you know this brain hack:
A certain scent can make you want to keep an area clean.

Or this brain hack:
Rubbing your ears can cure your scratchy throat.

Try this way to trick your brain:
Close one eye to adjust to the lights in a room.

Or hack your brain by using hand gestures to visualize your problems

Hack your brain by:
Turning off your gag reflex by making a fist with your left hand and squeezing your thumb.

These are just a few of the weird brain hacks that you will learn in this video to trick your brain.

These are really cool and remind me of some of the brain hacks I saw on the National Geographic tv show Brain Games.

When I was on the National Geographic Show Brain Games they had me play a brain game where I memorized the digits on dollar bill serial numbers for people in Times Square.

It was a ton of fun. Another brain game they had me do was memorize the names of people as they cam out of a theatre at the wax museum in New York.

Finally on Brain Games the last thing I did was memorize a deck of cards to end the show.

Brain Games was a fun tv show to be on and I think these brain games in this video are exactly the kind of thing you would see on the National Geographic Channel show.

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