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How much information can the human brain hold?

Do you have to forget something to learn something new?

Is here a limit to human memory?

These are all interesting questions we tackle in this video. How much can you remember and can you fill up your brain? How much info can your brain hold.

1. You do not have to forget something to remember new information. This is not even remotely true despite what Homer Simpson says 🙂

2. The human brain can hold a lot of information. The human memory can store massive amounts of information. To put it into perspective if your mind was a recorder and recorded tv shows. You could record and store over 300 years worth of television shows 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The human memory is not like a thumb drive it is much more massive and really there is nothing to compare it to

3. Is there a limit to human memory? Maybe. But the human life span would have to increase by hundreds of years before we find that out and then at that point perhaps the human brain will have evolved to hold more information!

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