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In this video you will learn about Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin is one of my most favorite people of all time. Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac is pure gold.

In this video we talk about his mindset and how he set his daily goals and organized his day each day for success.

On June 11, 1776, Congress appointed a “Committee of Five”, consisting of John Adams of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, Robert R. Livingston of New York, and Roger Sherman of Connecticut, to draft a declaration of independence.

Benjamin Franklin was not only a founder father (although never president) he was an author, inventor and philosopher.

Here are some of Benjamin Franklin’s accomplishments:
– Author of Declaration of Independence
– Author of Poor Richard’s Almanac (download it here
– Invented lightening rod
– Invented bifocals
– Aided in repeal of Stamp Act
– Played a major role in getting the French to assist with American Revolutionary War
– First postmaster general
– Key role in University of Pennsylvania
– He Contributed In The Development Of The Emerging Science Of Demography

Benjamin Franklin was truly an amazing person and this is why I am so fascinated by him.

One of the things I like reading about was how he organized his day.

In this video you will not only learn about how he prepared his mindset at the start of each day by asking, ‘What good shall I do today?’ he also organized his day in to chunks and had working lunches and dinners.

It’s notable that at the start of each day he set his focus to what good he was going to do. This was programming his mindset for the positives and then at the end of the day he review and asked, ‘What good did he do today?’ To hold himself accountable.

Benjamin Franklin was truly a great man and one of my favorite historical figures.

I hope you benefit from watching this video.

He also had 13 virtues that he lived his life by and in this video at the end I list those 13 virtues which are:


Enjoy the video on the life of Benjamin Franklin. This video is a biography of part of his life in a way.

Here is a biography on the life of Benjamin Franklin for more reading:

Description of what mindset means

You’ll see in modern times this idea of planning your day for success and getting your mindset right hasn’t changed much

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