Author: Leonard Segal

Mindfulness meditation helps improve our memory and mental performance

MINDFUL AWARENESS One of the most powerful tools for achieving greater health, peak performance and experiencing more happiness I can share with you is the practice of meditation.  As an educator and as a student, I have found that meditation is highly effective and beneficial in improving my memory and overall wellness! So if you’re looking to improve your memory to do better at school or in your business or just want to have a more enjoyable productive life, learning to do simple mindfulness meditation is a great investment of your time and effort.  Once thought to be a...

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Mindful conscious breathing improves memory

Let’s take a look at one of the most effective ways to deal with anxiety and exhaustion. Before studying or working on a project or starting anything requiring peak performance, engage in a few moments of mindful conscious breathing. Here’s where we start. To practice this find a comfortable seated position and relax your shoulders and neck letting any tension melt away gently adjusting your posture. Sit as we have discussed in our healthy posture lesson keeping your feet uncrossed and on the floor. Now breathe in deeply through your nose, hold the breath a few moments and then exhale out...

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Brain games like the now famous Luminosity and others help us create new pathways for knowledge in our brain, making learning things easier even as we age in life. Let’s explore and encourage adding fun learning experiences to help us become our best selves! The internet has a lot of brain games that will challenge your creativity. Download brain games into your life to enhance your brains effectiveness. Keeping your brain learning and stimulated helps it form new pathways that make it easier to learn even more. You can also download games onto your Android phone or i-phone or computer and make...

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Improving memory by teaching

TEACH TO LEARN One of the surest techniques to retain what you have learned is to reach out and teach another person. This memory skill we are sharing is in alignment with the key principal of coming from service in life to create a positive path to personal growth and excellence in life. Contrary to much of what we’ve learned that we keep score of our success by how many toys and dollars we take in, success in life is really a matter of how we master the art of sharing value with others. We all have something we know...

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