Author: Leonard Segal

How Music Affects Your Brain

Get free memory training tips How music affects your brain. Music will make an impact on your mood, creativity and more. Music plays a role in the way your brain sees different things and can even improve your motor…

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Chocolate helps improve our memory

Imagine eating your favorite chocolate saving your sweet memories! So in this recent article in there’s an exciting bit of information about the positive effects of eating chocolate on our memory.  You can read about it all here Here is their main take away if you’re too busy munching down chocolate to read more (but you should read it!). “A new study claims that flavonoids found in cocoa beans are linked to improved brain cognition. The study suggests that chemicals called flavonoids that are found in cocoa can counteract the negative effects of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and...

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Three Things You Want To Do To Get Better Memory Now

    Three Things We Can Do To Get Better Memory What is life when we think about it anyway but a series of memories created moment by   moment as we make our way through life the best we can every day!  And I’ll tell you this, the more I live this life the more I cherish my memories and my ability to remember what I want to and need to remember. So while we are working so hard to succeed in life, to do well in school or work and build a life for ourselves, let’s do...

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