Author: Leonard Segal

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Purposely creating strong positive memories

Berkeley University explains how, and why to do this as well as provides evidence and sources that it works. “TIME REQUIRED The better part of one day HOW TO DO IT “This exercise is best completed on a day (or two) when you have a lot of free time, such as on a weekend. Step two may require some advanced planning with others. In the morning when you first wake up, review the following instructions and make a plan for the day.” This article linked below is a great find and I highly recommend taking the time to read...

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Food that can protect your brain

BRAIN POWER FOODS We now know that certain foods are beneficial to good brain health and as we age we all have a strong interest in protecting ourselves so we can live full lives. I want to share an assortment of delicious and powerful foods you can all add to your diet today to increase energy, protect brain health and defend precious memories.  HAVING A FISH MEAL Fish like wild fresh water Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines and fresh water Trout contain omega -3 fatty acids responsible for critical brain development and health. It boosts the brain’s activity and improves memory....

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