99% of the people out there don’t have photographic memory.

Or do they?

That may not sound like a promising statistic… but here’s what most people don’t understand. You DO NOT have to be BORN with a photographic memory in order to have incredible memory skills! In fact, some of the most incredible “memory masters” in the world are SELF TAUGHT.

I know people who use to forget where they put their keys every day who can now memorize the order of 32 decks of randomly shuffled cards in an hour!

Imagine having THAT kind of skill under your belt. Can you think of any areas in your life where insane memory skills could be useful? You’d be the one in the office who remembered anything and everything important… you’d be the go-to! Or you’d be the mom that never forgot to pick up her kids from soccer or who never forgot doctor’s and dentist appointments.

I think ANYONE could benefit from a better memory.

Today, I’m going to teach you the skills you need to have the mind of an elephant.

Check out this video and be sure to read the blog for an easy exercise that you can implement right now to have a photographic memory!

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