A veteran of war in Afghanistan memorized the name of every member of us military paying the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. He memorized their rank, 1st name and last name of 2,200 people. That is about 7,000 words. The first wall was written out from memory in Fort Worth on Feb 28, 2013 and the second was March 19th in San Antonio. The third tribute will be in New York City April 5th, 2013

He leaves the first spot on the wall to also acknowledge and pay tribute to veterans losing their life in Iraq and every other conflict not listed on the wall. He has not yet memorized the name of the fallen in Iraq or other conflicts but does acknowledge them with this spot on the wall

It took 10 months to memorize and nearly 11 hours to write it out each time he does it

The purpose of the tribute it to say to the families and the loved ones of those paying the ultimate sacrifice that your loved ones are ,’Not forgotten.’

This a traveling wall that was inspired by the Vietnam Wall. It is 50 feet long and 7 feet high. It breaks down into 13 panels and is transported by a trailer around the USA. The goal is to take this traveling wall to every major us city and continue this tribute for years

The wall will add new names each time another service member loses their life. At the time memorizing began their were 1853 names. By the time the 1st memorial wall was written Feb 28, 2013 in Ft Worth there was just under 2200. It is our hope that no new names are added to this tribute

The veteran who memorized this wall served in the US Navy 2002-2010 and completed a deployment to Afghanistan during 2007

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