by Leonard Segal

There are many strategies for improving your memory. The best way to start doing them is to create a plan to slowly integrate them into your life. The brain is like a muscle. The best way to strengthen a muscle is to use it. While research has shown that exercise can stimulate the production of new brain cells the best way to keep them is to learn new things.

You are learning new things anytime you learn new information or when you do something new or in a new way. For example you can use your subdominant hand to open a drawer, stir your coffee or drink using the other hand. Changing your meals so you have your dinner at breakfast time and vice versa is both breaking habitual thinking and switching your heavy meal to the day and your light meal to the morning has the added bonus of helping to lose weight.

One way you can supercharge the new learning process is to set a timer for 25 minutes and just focus on  learning something new. Whatever you learn whether it be new information or a new skill like learning to play a musical instrument will build new brain connections. But pick something you don’t usually do or have never done before. You want to pick something that is not to simple but also not to difficult so you can find the experience rewarding.

If you see progress mastering the new skill, completing a do-it-yourself project or learn something new and interesting then you will continue to do this new brain building activity.

This learning activity builds brain power and memory by building new brain connections that helps to keep your brain cells healthy and by increasing your ability to focus. One of the most important keys to memory is focus. You can only remember something that you paid attention to in the first place.

These activities may even make you smarter. Albert Einstein attributed his development of his Theory of Relativity to a musical inspiration.

A couple ways you can make sure you follow through with developing this new habit is to either keep a diary where you write what you learned that day briefly or in detail, or find a friend or family member that you can share what you learned each day.

This is so important to the improvement in your memory and your quality of life that I suggest you include it in a daily meditation of what you’d like your perfect life to look like. Practicing visualizing doing any action actually gives your body practice in doing the activity and turning it into a good habit.

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