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This video discusses tips from Time Magazine’s issue on memory. The article was ‘8 Unexpected Things That Mess With Memory’

It was a really good article that listed out the 8 items that are bad for your memory.

Things listed that are bad for the memory:
– Thyroid. The thyroid is responsible for the metabolic process but can also have a negative impact on your memory

– Smoking is bad for your memory. It cuts down on the blood supply to your brain among other things. You should not smoke if you want to be healthy and this includes your brain.

High fat diets are bad for your memory. Eating a greasy hamburger and french fries every day is not going to be good for your health. It is also going to negatively impact your brain health.

A lack of B12 is bad or your brain and memory. You can find B12 in foods like eggs, yogurt, Swiss cheese or even take a B12 supplement

Germs are bad for your memory. If you have a virus like the herpes virus it can play tricks with your memory.

Women who have hot flashes are going to experience short term memory problems until these hot flashes subside

Depression is a memory killer. Do what you can to relieve your depression and you will find out that your memory improves.

. Prescription drugs and even over the counter medicine can slow down your memory. Look out for these side effects when taking your medication.

If you are working to improve your memory, you don’t want to make it harder on yourself by doing things that will slow down your memory or your progress.

Always work to stay as healthy as you can. This will prolong your life many years most likely but also improve the quality of your life because your memory and brain will be sharper as well.

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