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This video is about my 14 best ways to study for a test. As a memory expert I had to take a pretty big test in 2009 and it was the USA Memory Championship. That year I was super prepared for this test and here I share my ways I prepared for this test.

You can also take these same study tips and prepare for your test in a history, science, math or any test you might take at school.

Some of the 14 tips I suggest for test taking are:

– Relax!! If you are stressed you are not going to be able to focus or remember. One of the worst enemies to your brain and memory is stress. When you are stressed your body produces cortisol and this is terrible for your brain and memory.

I mention in the video I will often get massages to relax. Another thing you can do is meditate and visualize to get centered and peaceful.

– Another tip I suggest is to wear comfortable clothes. When you are taking the test you don’t want to be in tight fitting uncomfortable clothing. You want to be relaxed. Your goal for this test is not to find a date it is to get a great score!

– One of the other tips I suggest in this video is to be prepared. You must be prepared for a test. Stick to a routine and have your day planned out. This is so important.

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