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We have all been on a vacation or taken a holiday and then sadly we can’t remember much of what we experienced.

There are some obvious tips to remember like take pictures of your vacation. But did you know that research shows if you take too many pictures you may remember less of your vacation but when you are there you are not mindful and taking it in.

Another tip to remember to remember the experience is to send yourself a postcard. The act of writing strengthens your memory but so does getting the postcard later!

Focus on a unique detail of the trip. On this trip I noticed there was so many dogs so I started taking pictures of all the dogs.

One tip that I didn’t mention in this video blog ironically is that you could create a video blog of your experience or just write about your experience in a blog. I will remember this trip to Peru even more because I created this youtube video.

If you enjoy writing more then even keeping a journal just for yourself is a great way to remember details of your vacation and experience.

Remembering experiences is just as important or even more important than remembering lists of data sometimes.

Our lives are made up of a series of experiences and when you remember more of them I do believe it enriches your life.

So I hope you enjoy this video and are able to remember more of your experiences, vacations and holidays.

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