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If you have ever been in a social situation where you were about to interact with a person that you met some time ago, and can’t for the life of you remember their name or the information that you talked about, then this memory tip is for you.

What I like to do to prepare myself for the inevitable of talking with a person that I’ve previously talked with, is that I review our conversation that same day and even the next day during my down time. This means that even when I’m traveling somewhere, I turn my car into Drive-Time University where I play classical music and go over key points of the conversation that I had with someone by using the visual triggers that I created.

In the example that I gave here, is when I met someone named Zach, I pictured a sack of potatoes on his head. So when I need to remember his name, I just picture the sack and translate that back into his name.

For key pieces of the conversation that I want to remember, I would also visualize it by creating a story. If you guys talked about bowling, then maybe picture yourself throwing a bowling ball at the individual. When you review, ask yourself, what was the visual that I created for what we talked about during our conversation? Then the image of you throwing the bowling ball will quickly pop up.

That’s it! Try it out during the next time that you talk with someone. Visualize and Review!

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