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Luis Angel, your memory coach and founder of AE Mind, teaches you how to take the memorization technique that all of the top memory and mental athletes use in order to memorize and remember a long number.

Three Steps:
1. Location
2. Visualize
3. Review

Choose some mental locations. Then turn every number into a picture and visualize it doing something crazy and weird on those locations. Then review the stories that you created in order to retain that number for a longer period of time.

Remember that for the Memory Body Locations, We chose 9 spots from your body and 1 from your environment.

Here they are (Make sure to visualize these parts with their given number and name. It is very important for future purposes.. Visualization is KEY!):

0 = Sand
1 = Top (For Top of Head)
2 = Nose
3 = Mouth
4 = Ribs
5 = Liver
6 = Joint (For Hip Joint)
7 = Cap (Knee Cap)
8 = Fibula (For Shin Bone)
9 = Ball (For Ball of Foot)

I recommend for you to close your eyes and visualize these files in your mind. It helps to sink it deep into your unconscious mind for faster memorization.

Now, After you have that Memorized, Let me show you what’s the next step.
We have to take the Consonant sounds from the First letter of each of the words. This is known as the major system.

Here are the Consonant sounds for each number:
0 = S, Z, C (Soft)
1 = T, D, Th
2 = N
3 = M
4 = R
5 = L
6 = J, Sh, Ch (soft), G (soft)
7 = Ck, K, G (Hard), C (Hard)
8 = F, V
9 = B, P

That’s it!

An example of a number image using the major system is:
52= LioN

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Stay Up!
Keep Learning
Keep Growing
Achieve and Accelerated and Empowered Mind

-Luis Angel Echeverria
Your AE Mind Memory Coach
1st Superhuman Champion

Memory Training for Students, Professionals, Business People, Memory Athletes, and Everyone Else: http://www.aemind.com

About Luis Angel (http://www.LuisAngel.net):

– 1st Ever SUPERHUMAN on FOX Champion
– Member of Team USA at the World Memory Championship
– 2nd Overall: Australian Memory Championship 2015
(2 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze Positions in 10 Events)
– Memorized Deck of Cards: 2 Minutes; 120 Digit Number: 5 Minutes
– Coach of AE Mind Memory Team: Gold in Numbers USA Memory Championship
– Author: #1 International Bestseller, How to Remember Names and Faces (http://www.RememberNamesBook.com)

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